Service Certification Suite

B CI designed and developed the Service Certification Suite (SCS). The SCS operates as an airborne CPDLC End System and Router. It uses a VHF Digital Link (VDL) Mode 2(VDLM2) VHF Digital Radio (VDR) to communicate with ARINC using the same frequency that is used operationally in the Miami Center airspace. Currently, the SCS communicates with the ARINC VDLM2 ground station only (through the use of a directional antenna), though it was designed and tested to communicate dynamically with any VDLM2 ground station within its communication range. The SCS exchanges CPDLC messages with the CPDLC Data Link Application Processor (DLAP) through ARINC and the FAA ATN Infrastructure. From the DLAP’s perspective, the SCS appears to be a CPDLC-capable aircraft.

The SCS successfully completed an ARINC Phase 3 Avionics Qualification Policy (AQP) test in July 2002 and was granted qualification for use on the ARINC operational Globalink/VHF network. The SCS was deployed to the Miami Center in August 2002 and is used daily by the Airways Facility organization to certify the CPDLC service for Air Traffic use. The service certification process uses the SCS to verify that the end-to-end system is functioning properly and that the controllers may continue to use CPDLC to communicate with CPDLC-capable aircraft.